We are
Fort Hays State Honor Society.
FHSU's top honors organization.

The mission of the Fort Hays State University Honors College

is to instill a culture of community engagement and leadership within an environment of continuous improvement and academic excellence at the highest possible levels of execution.

We define community engagement and leadership as:

  • experiential-based participation in activities and organizations that provide foundational competencies in lifelong problem-solving skills.
  • a commitment to our intrinsic and extrinsic environments that strives to promote positive societal change.
  • an embrace of the concept of change and the demands change place on the workforce and society.
  • a commitment to a service mentality that seeks to motivate and inspire others.

We define an environment of continuous improvement as:

  • an educational process that is more than a means to an end.
  • an educational experience that is constant and without end.
  • the atmosphere in which future generations of passionate, diligent, and inquisitive scholars can be fostered and encouraged.

We define academic excellence as:

  • a curricular emphasis that values philosophical depth and purpose over rote memorization.
  • an experience that both encourages and recognizes the motivation necessary to succeed and excel.
  • a spirit that acknowledges and rewards participation, determination and focus.

Further, we, as students, dedicate ourselves to:
A) a spirit of intellectual curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge,
B) a willingness to go above and beyond baseline requirements,
C) a risk-embracing ethos that seeks to transcend personal and societal boundaries, and
D) attracting, rewarding, and enhancing the best and brightest members of our generation.