Brittany Howell – Featured Professor of November

Congratulations to Dr. Brittany Howell, of the Agriculture Department, for being selected as the Featured Professor of November for her excellence in teaching Genetics of Livestock Improvement, Techniques of Livestock Selection and Evaluation I, Principles of Feeding, and more! The nominee had the following praises of this month’s Featured Professor:

“Brittany Howell is dedicated to her profession. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, spending Brittany Howellnumerous hours outside of the classroom catching students up and helping them to further understand concepts. She has many contacts in our industry and has given us many opportunities to get out of the classroom and experience different aspects of the agricultural field through field trips and labs. She demonstrates with real life examples and creates an environment for us to learn from her life experiences and the experiences of our classmates. She is one of the few professors I have encountered who makes it apparent that teaching is more than just a career to her. She lives and breathes her profession and can be held accountable to contribute to Fort Hays in any way possible. Above all, she is kind, thoughtful, intelligent, inquisitive, and has the ability to admit her shortcomings.”

Thank you for your dedication to the students of Fort Hays State University!