Here at FHHS, we strive to give our members an abundance of opportunities to help them grow. Whether that be through conferences, events to polish up their interview skills, seminars to help them perform to a top level on GRE Prep exams, or just events to get to know other high achieving students on campus. The things we do are all for our members and to enhance their experience at Fort Hays State University and optimize their growth for the future years. This is why we rely on the support of generous donors. 


Keep scrolling to learn how your contribution can make a lasting difference. And when you’re ready, use the button below to make your contribution.
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Why Donate

Why should you donate?
Let’s take a look.

every gift matters

  • Support high-achieving students at FHSU to enable their growth and leadership skills
  • Allow them to not only make a great impact on campus, but in their communities as well - current and future ones to come.
  • Promote the growth and academic success and honor at FHSU
  • Donations are tax-deductible
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Our Supporters

Richard and Dolores Fischli

Former educators and alumni of Fort Hays State University, Dolores and Richard Fischli recognize the importance of giving back. The couple, who was raised in Kansas but lived in California for many years, have been supporting FHHS since 2012. Their contributions led to the creation of the Fischli Academic Fund, which has provided FHHS members with scholarships to assist with tuition.

Dr. Michael Meade

Dr. Michael Meade became an FHHS donor in 2014. The funds he has donated will be going towards the funding of some of FHHS's academic endeavors throughout the year. Dr. Meade is an associate professor at FHSU in the English Department. He has been a wonderful asset for FHSU for 40 years. He currently resides in Hays with his four beloved collies.

FHSU Foundation

The FHSU Foundation has supported FHHS since its inception, forming a lasting partnership between the two organizations. Besides assisting with FHHS's donor outreach campaign, the Foundation has also contributed funds for scholarship awards.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association allocates funds to FHHS annually. Although it is not enough to accomplish all our goals and initiatives, their funding allows us to send members to leadership development conferences every year. SGA recognizes the potential and impact our members have across campus, and takes an active role in furthering their leadership skills.<br />

How to Donate


It’s easy! Just click the button at the top of this page. You’ll be directed to the FHSU Foundation website — they are our official partners on all things donor-related.

Donating through the foundation is safe and secure, and only takes a minute. FHHS is already designated as the recipient, all you have to do is fill out your information and amount!

By mail

Prefer postal mail? That’s fine too! Just send your check to the address below:

c/o Honors Initiatives
Forsyth 72
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601